Hello, we are NOKTO!

We are a creative colletive founded by Ute Ressler in 2017. We curate your ideas, consult your campaigns and create media of all kinds – from TVC’s to documentaries, branded content serials to one-off art projects. Indeed, and simply said: Whether beeing the consultant for brands and agencies or the production company. We are crazy about ideas & the images they result in.

That feeling you get when you miss the last stair in the dark – that is NOKTO’s guiding spirit. Our aim: to introduce a sliver of magic into the experience of each campaign.

Spanning more than 20 years, Ute’s producing career began in the down & dirty alleys of the Hamburg experimental music, art and dance scene. Since then she has worked as both an agency & production company executive producer, including her time as founding partner of Kleinerressler.

As the Head of TV at Heimat Berlin, Ute oversaw innumerable award-winning campaigns for Swisscom & Otto – as well as producing globally celebrated films for Überground. Her clients as agency partners are also WK Amsterdam, We-Are-Open, Blood Actvertising, geometry global, PreussUndPreuss or Saatchi&Saatchi Pro and DFL, Puma, KBV or Ferrero on production side. Since 2017 she is a member of the ArtDirectorsClub.

Ask Ute why she named the company NOKTO and she’ll tell you: ‘Because I like it. I like the night and I like the letter K. So no heavy philosophy, just pure & simple love.’


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