NOKTO specializes in consulting agencies, clients and production companies to produce films & TVC`s for international agencies and clients . With more than 25 years of experience producing commercials, we’re deeply committed to helping agencies and clients realize their ambitions at the highest level; create moving image campaigns defined by their exceptional quality.

We advise our agency, client & production company partners on projects of every scale – from single television commercials to full-on international campaigns, and everything in between.

Our sense of curiosity and the genuine pleasure we take in collaborating are equal to the vast expertise we bring to each step of a project. Plainly described, we believe in that old-school business adage: One must never underestimate the aggregate power of a series of small, well-made decisions.

While we love to accompany our partners through the entire production process, we also relish engaging with a project’s individual needs. Our extensive experience in the industry ensures a thoughtful, rigorously-developed approach to each venture.  Consulting specialties include:

• Proposing a selection of key project contributors – both in creative and management positions.
• Creating & coordinating pitches – including creative/conceptual collaboration.
• Director searches – local as well as international.
• Cost estimation & cost controlling
• Production timings including shooting & post scheduling.
• Management of preproduction & production.

We take personal pride in helping our partners turn their ideas into reality. We are the NOKTO Consulting Group.





ETSY „Mozart“ – Regie: Spencer Creigh – Agentur: GLÜCK Berlin – Produktion: BWGTBLD – Consulting: NOKTO
NIVEA – Regie: Jan Brockmann – Agentur: We-are-Open – Produktion: 27km – Consulting: NOKTO
TOOM – Regie: Max Millies – Agentur: We-are-open – Produktion: Zauberberg – Consulting: NOKTO
MAZDA – Q4 – Regie: Lauro Cress – Agentur: VMLY&R Wien – Produktion: Chunk Filmproduktion GmbH – Consulting: NOKTO
MAZDA – All new Mazda – all electric – Regie: Daniel Börjesson –  Agentur: VMLY&R Wien – Produktion: IAM Image – Agency Consulting: NOKTO
TOOM – Laminat – Regie: Max Millies – Agentur: We Are Open – Produktion: Zauberberg – AgencyProducer: NOKTO

Beiersdorf – Skin Stories – Regie: Lisa Paclet – Foto: Robin Kater – Agentur: PlusKnauss – Produktion: mypony – Client Consulting: NOKTOBeiersdorf – Skin Stories Willy – Regie: Jens Wirtzfeld – Foto: Marius Knieling – Agentur: Boom – Produktion: mypony – Client Consulting: NOKTO Beiersdorf – Skin Stories Willy – Regie: Jens Wirtzfeld – Foto: Marius Knieling – Agentur: Boom – Produktion: mypony – Client Consulting: NOKTO VHV – Regie: Til Schweiger – Agentur Scholz&Friends HH – Produktion: BarefootProductions – Agency Consulting: NOKTO

Tip24 – Regie: Arne Feldhusen – Agentur Überground – Produktion: 27km – Agency Consulting: NOKTO